1. OMG — My favorite pasttime is picking up all the bills, putting them in my briefcase and then proceeding to forget about paying them. Needless to say, this is NOT a good strategy.

    A friend recommends paying every bill the day it comes in, which is probably pretty good if you check your mail every day. I will go through spurts of checking my mail every day and throwing out the junk, but then, depending on my mood, I will start letting it build up and/or think I need to save one thing or another for future use. So my bill paying habits get sort of complicated by my mail sorting habits.

    (I just discovered your website and love your blog-postings)

  2. LOL! Been there, done that! Another favorite is writing the check, putting it in a stamped envelope, putting it in my purse and then forgetting to mail it for days. I agree that paying right away is good if you can do it; I rely on online payments to pay mine on time.

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