Coming Attractions: 6 Things

BookYou may be wondering where I’ve been the past few days. Well, I haven’t posted in a while because I have been working on a very exciting project. It’s my first ebook: Raising An ADD Child: 6 Things You Absolutely MUST Do. It’s a short guide to those things that I believe are essential to life as an ADD mom; the things that will make life with Attention Deficit Disorder easier as well as the things that you must know as a parent.

I think this guide is especially valuable because I wrote it. Sorry – I know that sounds arrogant, but that’s not how I mean it. Here’s what I do mean: I believe that I am in a unique position to offer advice on Attention Deficit Disorder, particularly as it relates to moms and kids. I believe that I have an advantage over most others because:

  • I have been formally trained as an ADD Coach
  • I have spent the last 20+ years studying Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities, and the ways people learn
  • I have ADD
  • I have 3 children (and a husband) with ADD/ADHD
  • I have lived with ADD in a very real way for all of my life, and I have faced and solved it’s problems over & over again

The best part of this ebook is that it’s absolutely free when you sign up for my newsletter. The newsletter is the next thing that I am starting to work on. It will be a monthly email, and will contain tips, news items, and information useful to you in helping your child navigate Attention Deficit Disorder. I’ll also include an “Ask the Coach” section, where you can ask questions about problems you are having. I hope that you take advantage of this offer. Look for the link on the right sidebar in the next few days.
Be sure to check back on Monday – I am participating in a very important project along with other bloggers from around the world, and I hope that you will take part.

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