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Although I have been an ADD Coach for many years, and have had a website for almost as many, it is only recently that I have started doing things differently. I have a new, different website, under a new business name. I have a blog now, too, and I’m writing more than I ever did.

One thing that has stayed the same is my newsletter. I always sent one out in the past, usually once or twice a month, giving my subscribers tips on managing Attention Deficit Disorder, and including any relevant news. Once I started blogging, though, I asumed that a newsletter was no longer necessary. As it turns out, though, a newsletter is still a good idea, according to my friends at Mom Masterminds.

Mom Masterminds is an online community of moms (surprise!) who are all successful online entrepreneurs (or who are headed in that direction). They offer advice, mentoring, and lots of learning resources for moms who are in business for themselves. I get lots of advice from these ladies (who are behind all of my recent changes) because they know what they are talking about. (When women who have been interviewed by CNN tell you to offer a newsletter, you offer a newsletter!)

So, you might be wondering, as I did, what the difference is between a newsletter and a blog. Not a lot, really, I suppose, except this: newsletter subscribers will get articles and information that won’t appear on the blog – or if it does, you’ll get it first. Subscribers will get advance notice of any seminars, workshops, classes, or products I may offer – and therefore, first chance at getting in. Subscribers will get discount offers that others will not.

And right now, for the next month or so, subscribers will get my latest ebook: “Raising An ADD Child: 6 Things You Absolutely MUST Do“. This is a 17 page book that you can download as soon as you subscribe. It gives you what I believe are the 6 most essential keys to raising kids with ADD while still keeping your sanity. This book contains advice I would give someone with a child who has recently been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, but I think it can be valuable to anyone dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder.

The subscription form is on the top of the right hand side – it’s got those boxes for your name and email address sticking out too far. (Another thing I’ll have to learn to fix). Fixed it!

I hope you’ll think it’s worth subscribing, and if you have any problems, please let me know by sending me an email. As I said, I’m learning a lot of new things with this Mastermind group, and sometimes I don’t get it on the first try, but I do want you to get my new book.

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