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My name is Brenda Nicholson, and ADD Moms is my site. I am an ADHD Coach and an ADD mom. For me, that means that I have ADHD and so do all of my kids – Sarah 25, Andy 24, and Caitlin 21. My husband Mark has ADD, too.

This site (and everything I do) is designed to help others with ADHD live more positive, fulfilling, and successful lives. I want you to reach your full potential, because as someone with Attention Deficit Disorder, you’ve got a lot of talent and a lot to give.

There’s a lot of information here, so feel free to look around. In addition to the featured articles on the gallery, I have articles dealing with ADHD and life skills, time management, and organization in the areas below the gallery. Check out the sidebar on the right, too, for other categories. There’s a video, and soon I’ll be adding some audio in as well.

If you’ve got questions, please ask! I’m always happy to answer.

Here are the places you can find me:
ADD Student
ADD Moms group – a place to talk about ADHD and depression and/or anxiety
ADHD Tribe – changing the perception of ADHD to a more positive one
Facebook Search for Brenda Nicholson

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About Brenda Nicholson

I am an ADHD Expert, Coach, and Consultant. I want you to learn how to celebrate your life with ADHD too.

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