What Do You Need?

My mission here at An ADD Woman has always been to serve you. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I fail.

i base my ideas about what you need on what I need or needed at one time, but that might not always be accurate.

I need to hear from you because I need to know what you want. It has always been my goal in life to help women like you (and me) lead better lives; get stuff done, be on time, not feel like such a failure. Can you relate?

The things I struggle with are:

  • Getting my list of to dos for the day done
  • Learning to prioritize things so the most important things get done first
  • Adding structure to my day
  • Looking at weekly goals instead of daily ones and getting them done; and monthly stuff too.
  • And honestly? Setting those kind of goals. My daughter recently got married and her father in law asked her and her future husband (his son) what their 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year goals were. I couldn’t answer that at my age; could you?
  • Not getting side lined on 4,000 other things. Today I concentrated on really, really cleaning the kitchen.
  • But I was washing quilts and one of them was really old and needed either retiring or re-doing in terms of liner and batting. What to do? The minute I put it on the deck to dry, the rain started. So back inside it went. Right now, many hours later, it’s still waiting a complete drying. ADHD at it’s finest.

Please, oh, please tell me what you need. I am here to help. I need to know what you need.

Thank you.


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About Brenda Nicholson

I am an ADHD Expert, Coach, and Consultant. I want you to learn how to celebrate your life with ADHD too.


  1. Hi, I’m a mother of an ADD son, and 3 other wonderful little boys! The level of crazy in my house leaves me questioning my sanity as well as my qualifications to be a parent. I am looking for a place to “normalize my crazy” with thoughts and ideas from other people experiencing life through the ADD kiladoscope!

  2. Welcome! I hope my site will help in some way, but you know, there’s always going to be crazy 😉

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