An ADD Woman Cleans



Do you struggle to keep a clean and neat home?


Have you tried a million different cleaning systems only to have them fail at some point?


Do you wish that you had a tried and true cleaning system made just for women with ADHD?


Finally! A system designed by An ADD Woman for the way An ADD Woman thinks!


Almost every cleaning system out there has been designed by someone who does not have ADHD.


That means that we are trying to wrap our brains around a system that it just doesn’t get.

People without ADHD think in a logical and sequential manner.

You know that there are no straight lines in our thinking process.

This system is the one that I use to keep my house in order and one that I have been using for longer than I can remember – at least 20 years!

Now I have not always been an ADD Coach. I’ve had other jobs throughout the years. I’ve worked part time, full time, overtime, nights, weekends, and even overnights.

I have a husband and 3 children with ADHD – never a dull moment in our house – and we’ve been through more kids activities than you can imagine. It was nothing to come home from work, make dinner, and then leave on a 2 hour trip for a hockey game or figure skating event.

House clean enough, laundry done, meals made and homework done.


I did it all and you can too with this easy system.


An ADD Woman Cleans is the first module in the series An ADD Woman Takes Charge.

It will teach you how to keep your home cleaner in less time. 

It will change your attitude about cleaning.

And it always puts family before housework.

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Here’s what you get:

  • The entire cleaning system written in an easy to understand way
  • A workbook to help you adjust the system to your home and family
  • Notes on the workbook to help you get through it
  • A detailed look at your daily routine
  • Recipes for green cleaners and other tips for easier cleaning

Get yours now!

An ADD Woman Cleans in a downloadable form that you print yourself. This includes the cover page for your binder so that you can print that too.  $10