Stagnant: Inactive, Sluggish

Stagnant Water

? ?/?stægn?nt/ Show Spelled[stag-nuhnt] Show IPA
1.not flowing or running, as water, air, etc.
2.stale or foul from standing, as a pool of water.
3.characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progressive movement: a stagnant economy.
4.inactive, sluggish, or dull.

What does ADHD have to do with the word stagnant and a picture of stagnant water?

More than you might think.

You see, as hyperactive as we might be at times, and as busy as we might feel, there are a lot of times in our lives when we are stagnant: inactive and sluggish.

You look around you at all you have to do and you feel overwhelmed, so you end up doing nothing. Inactive. Sluggish. Stagnant.

You have a list of things to do, but not many of them get done.

You seem busy all day and yet at the end of the day, you have little to show for it.

You have good intentions and great ideas and you may even get started on a project or two, but they rarely reach completion.

Stagnant. Inactive. Sluggish.

There is a cure for stagnation.


Take action. Any action. Get out of your head wondering where to begin and just begin. Let your body lead the way and give your brain a break.

Just do it.

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