My Life Makeover

Care to come along with me as I participate in a little folly I like to call My Life Makeover?

As a woman with ADHD, sometimes my life gets crazy messy. Now is one of those times. Although, really, when isn’t our life crazy messy?

Anyway, I have set some goals and given myself six months to reach them. I have even laid out a plan of sorts.

Now if I were your coach, I would tell you to choose one – preferably the one giving you the most trouble – and start there.

I’m not sure that’s what I’m going to do.

Are you surprised?

I think that it would be better to begin most of them ASAP and then concentrate on maintaining the good habits.

Let me tell you what my goals are so that you will have a better understanding. Here they are:

Clean and reorganize my fridge and pantry. I have dietary restrictions and my dad, who is 91, does as well. I need to make it easier for him to find what he needs.

Make better food choices and learn to freezer cook. Better food choices is self explanatory. Freezer cooking is making meals ahead of time and storing them in the freezer for when you have busy days. It can be as easy as making double batches of whatever you’re making anyway or taking an entire day to make a month’s worth of meals.

Learn to budget more wisely. I’d like to get a better handle on our money situation so that I know we are using it wisely and saving more.

Get my business and this site in better working order. I’m sure I am not as efficient as I could be, so I need to learn more about managing and saving time.

Start getting up earlier. This is going to be tough for me. I am a night owl, always have been. But I do recognize that most of the world operates on a different schedule and that I can actually get a lot done when I get up early and get moving. This will mean going to bed earlier and will be my biggest challenge.

Make exercise a priority. I have fallen out of the regular exercise habit and I need to get back into it. A big part of my problem is that I let other people run too much of my life for me. It’s hard for me to tell my dad he has to wait for what he wants while I go to the gym. Being a coach means you like to help others. Sometimes that can work against you.

So that’s my general goals from now until February 4, 2015.

If you would like to watch my progress, all posts will be filed under My Life Makeover in the Categories section.

Why not set a few goals of your own and join me?

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