An Epiphany in the Microwave

Today my husband and I spent a good part of our afternoon cleaning the house and just generally straightening up. We had let things go for a while  (do you ever do that?) and it was past time to get our act together.

Now I know that in the past I’ve written about keeping up with the cleaning and doing a little bit at a time, but there are times when I don’t follow my own advice. I’m human and I have ADHD, just like you.

So, the microwave and the epiphany.


My microwave was really gross. (I should have taken a picture- sorry.)

A while back – I’m not going to say how far – my daughter was eating a lot of soup, sometimes twice in one day. And because she never covered the bowl, the microwave got hit with lots of splashes.  That stayed on the microwave and got nuked over and over.

Today I decided to clean it.

Cue the epiphany.

A “normal ” person would wipe out the microwave as soon as the mess was made, or at least as soon as they saw it.


I open the microwave, see the mess, sigh, and then proceed to heat up my own stuff.

In other words, I ignore it.

Isnt that what we all do? We ignore stuff until we can’t ignore it anymore.

Learn to get on things the minute they happen and your life will change.


Oh, and the best and easiest way to clean that crusty microwave?

Start by getting any loose crumbs out.

Spray the inside generously with water.

Fill a coffee cup with water and place it in the microwave.

Nuke for 2-3 minutes or until the water boils.

Let it sit for a minute or so, then wipe out the inside. Mine was clean after the wipe down.

Even better? It’s sanitized too, and for next to nothing.

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About Brenda Nicholson

I am an ADHD Expert, Coach, and Consultant. I want you to learn how to celebrate your life with ADHD too.


  1. I was so hopeful to find a blog from a coach to help me understand more about my ADD and how to manage it. I loved the intro to your piece and got REALLY excited when you began to speak about ignoring things!! I thought I was the only one!! But then when the only actionable items in your piece were how to clean your microwave and just “Learn to get on things the minute they happen” I could only laugh and shake my head. Telling an adult who has struggled, and been baffled by ADD for decades, to just “learn how to” do the thing that completely alludes them is like asking me to just learn how to fly like a bird. It’s insulting and hurtful. I’m so sad there isn’t any advice for how to actually do that. If it were as simple as that I’d have figured this whole thing out 25 years ago. I’m not writing to be unkind, I’m writing to plead that you be more thoughtful and sensitive going forward.

  2. Thank you for commenting and sharing your concerns about the article. I will take another look and try to be more thoughtful in future posts.

  3. Read the article again and you’re right. Far from my best work.

    To be honest, earlier this year I started questioning the value to me personally of continuing this blog. I’ve been doing it a long time and I was feeling burned out.

    This post was a feeble attempt to add new content to the blog, but I can see now it was a bit insulting to my audience.

    I recently decided to come back to writing here; I hope you will continue to check back now and then.

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