Checklists to Remember

ADDers are really good at forgetting things. We do it all the time. I once invited 10 people over for Christmas dinner and forgot to go grocery shopping.

Checklists can be a great way to help us remember what we need to do, especially when it’s things that we do often or that require a lot of steps.

This past weekend, for instance, I went out of town. I drove to Michigan and took the train home. I needed to pack, remember a gift I was bringing, make reservations and more.

This checklist from Simply Checklists worked really well for me.

You’ll see all kinds of checklists on that site and since they’re free, you can make good use of them.

Listplanit is another really good site with lots of lists. This is a paid site, but $20 a year for a print membership seems more than reasonable to me.

I like the variety of lists on this site, too. Altogether, it’s a very comprehensive site.

You might want to check out their e-book “100 Days to Christmas” if you celebrate that holiday. At $4.99, it’s a deal, and well worth it if it takes the stress out of the holiday season.

Note: I’m not making any money from ListPlanit; I just really like their site and products.

Next time, I’ll share some practical ways to put those checklists to work.

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