Websites I Like

Here are some websites that you might like. I know I do.

ADDitude Magazine – You can’t find a better, more comprehensive website dedicated to all aspects of life with ADHD than ADDitude! Bookmark it! You’re going to refer to it often!

Answers You know I have to list my own section on!

The Miracle Belt – this is an amazing and proven product that you have to check out! It can help improve your ADHD symptoms! See my review here.

Clean Mama Cleaning solutions, printables, and more.

Tanya Geisler I think that Tanya Geisler is an inspiration. I especially love her idea of an impostor complex.

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself This is a condensed version of the book set up in a Power Point presentation.

IHeart Organizing Learn how to get organized and make it pretty too!

Helping Children with ADHD and ASD Sleep Don’t be fooled by the title; there is a lot of good information here for adults, too.

Guide to Addiction and Rehab Addiction can sometimes be part of life with ADHD. If this applies to you or someone you know, this guide may help.

Parenting A Child with ADHD Lots of good information for adults with ADHD. Worth a look even if you don’t have a child with ADHD.

RehabNet Alcoholism and addiction are on the rise among senior citizens. This site has some valuable information and can offer help.