Do It Now

I've been feeling particularly scattered lately. Between the holidays and my decision last week to get a new puppy, it's no wonder I feel scattered. For instance, I have a couple of boxes in my pantry that originally contained food related gifts. They are the perfect size for me to disguise a … [Read more...]

Meals: Planning Ahead

Today is Thursday, the day I do my meal planning for the coming week. I typically grocery shop on Fridays, so I like to have my list together beforehand. My mom (who had ADD) really tried to put together a plan and a list for her shopping but it rarely worked for her. Since I have more kids … [Read more...]

ADHD and Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is sort of a hallmark of ADHD, don't you think? That and an inability to focus are the things people most often associate with it. So how come we're so forgetful? Well, there are a few reasons. First, our problems with Executive Function can add to our difficulty remembering … [Read more...]