Those Awkward Moments

The other day someone posted a link on Facebook about a woman who started a conversation on Twitter about awkward social moments. She blogs at The Bloggess and you can read some of the replies she got when she shared about an embarrassing moment she had at the airport. (Note: this site has become … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Multi-Tasking

Have you ever noticed the mystery of multi-tasking? On the one hand, we can be masters of doing more than one thing at a time. But on the other hand, sometimes we are so consumed with one thing that everything else gets ignored. How does that work? I think by nature we were born knowing how … [Read more...]

BrainStack: A Review

 I recently had the opportunity to try BrainStack, a nootropic supplement for your brain. It's supposed to help you learn faster, retain more, increase your productivity and efficiency, and improve your drive to get things done. FYI - I was given a bottle to try without cost. The opinions are mine. … [Read more...]