NuroFocus: An Herbal Solution for ADHD

For the past week, I have been testing an herbal product for ADHD called NuroFocus. Disclaimer: I was given a 30 day supply for free to evaluate, but the opinions expressed here are mine.NuroFocus is produced here in the US by a company called NuAxon in affiliation with a company in India. Dr. A. … [Read more...]

5 Herbs That Can Help ADHD Symptoms

There are a good number of people who choose to use natural remedies rather than medications, not only for their ADHD, but for other things as well. I like having the choice of either/or, and usually opt for the natural cure if it works for me. I have studied the medicinal use of herbs - just … [Read more...]

Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is one of those things that often accompanies ADHD. Attention Deficit Disorder never travels alone; it always brings a friend or two. Depression, learning disabilities and anxiety are some of the more common ones. I have a daughter who suffers from anxiety (and I've experienced it … [Read more...]