Dill and Caper Chicken

One of the categories on this blog used to be Pantry Meals. A pantry meal is one that you can keep in your cupboard and make quickly, like spaghetti. I've decided to expand the category and change the name to Recipes. ADD Moms is not a food blog. It's a blog about ADHD and women, especially those … [Read more...]

Meals: Planning Ahead

Today is Thursday, the day I do my meal planning for the coming week. I typically grocery shop on Fridays, so I like to have my list together beforehand. My mom (who had ADD) really tried to put together a plan and a list for her shopping but it rarely worked for her. Since I have more kids … [Read more...]

It’s A Dinner Revolution!

You know sometimes I write about meal preparation and the importance of a good balanced diet. Those things may not seem to be related to ADHD but they really are. A good diet is essential for maintaining your body and brain health. A healthier brain functions better and if you're making sure to … [Read more...]