Simplify Your Tasks

You know a lot of people think that people with ADHD are the original multi-taskers. And for a while there, multi-tasking was the big thing. But you know what happens when you multi-task? A whole lot of nothing. Working on one thing until you lose interest and then moving on to … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Multi-Tasking

Have you ever noticed the mystery of multi-tasking? On the one hand, we can be masters of doing more than one thing at a time. But on the other hand, sometimes we are so consumed with one thing that everything else gets ignored. How does that work? I think by nature we were born knowing how … [Read more...]

Chunking vs Multi-Tasking

Everyone knows what multi-tasking is; we ADDers claim to be experts at it. Multi-tasking, as it turns out, is rarely that: doing two things at once. Even more important - it's rarely as effective as you might think. For instance, if right now, as I am writing this, someone came into the room … [Read more...]