Cupcakes and Potato Chips

Note: I was recently made aware that the link that was provided to me was incorrect. It has been changed and should work now. Did you know that your eating habits could be influenced by your ADHD? And that it can be harder to lose weight if you have ADHD? Not only that, but binge eating, … [Read more...]


If you're as old as I am - highly unlikely ;) - you might remember commercials for Accent on TV. It's a "flavor enhancer", a way to make food taste even better. It's also MSG or monosodium glutamate. We all know what that is, right? MSG is a flavor enhancer, but it does not work by making … [Read more...]

How ADHD Affects Your Weight, Part 1

Note: Our conversation about weight and ADHD will take place over a few days this week. There really is too much to cover in one post. One of the lectures that I attended at the ADDA conference was about weight and ADHD. And while the main topic concerned obesity and ADHD, I still found it to be … [Read more...]