Longing for Order

As An ADD Woman, you probably find yourself in the midst of chaos more than you would like. And you may find yourself longing for order. I understand. I can relate.   I think that having ADHD means we are always longing for some kind of order in our lives. Either that, or we are … [Read more...]

Restoring Order

31 Day Challenge: Day 31 Participating in this 31 Day Challenge and writing every day about order has inspired me and my home looks better for it. Many areas of my home have been decluttered, cleaned, and put to order. And there is something that I have discovered along the way: restoring … [Read more...]

Bringing Order to Bill Paying

31 Day Challenge: Day 27 Paper clutter can be a huge problems for ADDers. Most of us probably get an average of 5 pieces of mail, 6 days a week. A lot of it is just junk mail, but there are important items in there as well. Ideally, you should only handle each piece of mail once: make a decision … [Read more...]