When Are You Going to Get Angry Enough?

I know how hard it is to live a life with ADHD. I've been doing it a really long time. I've struggled with a messy house, and losing important stuff - sometimes cause I threw it away - and being late and forgetting and well, you know. I have even invited 10 people for Christmas dinner only to … [Read more...]

The Card File System for a Clean House

Something like 20 years ago, I discovered a book called "Sidetracked Home Executives" written by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. It literally changed my life. I went from being unorganized and constantly out of control when it came to the house to having a home that was always clean and organized … [Read more...]

SHEs Cardfile

This is a continuation from "S.H.E.s with ADD". Once you have all of your cards filled out, you need to file them. First, though, you need to figure out your weekly schedule. Again, this is something that may need to be readjusted as you get used to the system. Pam and Peggy recommend at … [Read more...]