ADHD and Addictions

Edited 3/25/18. Addiction and alcoholism among senior citizens is more common now than ever. Be sure to note the resources below. Did you know that addictions are very common among people who have ADHD? It's true. It often comes from self medicating - an attempt to control your symptoms of … [Read more...]

Keeping the Family Fed

Did you know that meal planning and grocery shopping are more difficult for ADD Moms because we have ADHD? It makes sense when you think about it. In order to keep our family fed, we have to plan meals, add ingredients we need to a list (plus anything else we need), buy the groceries (getting … [Read more...]

Shopping and ADHD; Part 2

Shopping can be an overwhelming experience when you have ADHD. It can get even worse during the holiday season when there are so many shoppers in the stores and so many decisions to make. Yesterday we talked about making grocery shopping easier; today we're going to talk about the … [Read more...]