Brain Drain: Learn to Make Fewer Decisions

Decision making is not our strong point. As people with ADHD, we have lots of experience with making mistakes. So when we have an opportunity to make a decision about something - cake or pie - we tend to give it a lot of thought. We want to make the right decision and we end up overthinking … [Read more...]

Simplify Your Bag

Big purse, little purse; which one are you? I personally prefer a larger bag, as do my daughters. (My oldest, Sarah, used to make fun of her sisters and my big bags until she had a baby and realized how useful they were.) But even if you carry a small bag, it can still be a mess inside. I … [Read more...]

Simplify the Laundry

Do you have problems with laundry? I hate doing laundry. I tell myself it's because I have a 2 story home and my laundry room is in the basement and it's ugly down there, but that's not true. My last house was a 2 story but it had a first floor laundry with a back door and a view of the … [Read more...]