The Time Capsule

31 Day Challenge: Day 20 I spent the entire day today decluttering that mess around my desk that I showed you on Day 7, The High Price of Disorder. I wish I had a picture to show you, but I always write at night when the lighting is bad. Let's just say that the end table is cleared and you can see … [Read more...]

A Simpler Life

31 Day Challenge: Day 13 A simple life. Am I wrong or is that something that we all long for? I know that I do. But how exactly do we turn our crazy lives into something simpler? I think that living a simpler life starts with one thing: less. We all have too much stuff. My grandson Robbie … [Read more...]

One Simple Rule

Day 4 of 31 Days of Order, Restored     When it comes to having a neat and orderly space, one that's simple to clean and maintain, there is just one simple rule to follow: The beginning of that saying is "A place for everything and...". That really is the key right … [Read more...]