Boosting the Effects of Vitamin D

ADHD is sort of like Justin Bieber. It never travels alone; it always has an entourage. Many times, one of the hangers on is depression. Depression and ADHD seem to pair well with one another. When you live with ADHD, it's not so easy to feel good about yourself. In fact, it's easier to … [Read more...]

Depression + Depression?

Depression can often come along with ADHD. Maybe you know that. Maybe you even are being treated for depression, like me. But did you know that despite being treated for depression, it's still possible to become more depressed? I've been taking medication for depression for years. It's … [Read more...]

Cabin Fever and ADHD

Do you know what cabin fever is? It's that feeling you get about this time of year when everything outside seems to be some shade of gray, you haven't seen the sun in days, you're sick of being cooped up in the house, and you just want to be warm. Those of us with ADHD are prone to … [Read more...]