BlogCatalog Fundraising Event Challenge

ADD Moms, along with thousands of other blogs, is participating today in a fundraising event initiated by BlogCatalog. BlogCatalog has partnered with, a non-profit organization that “provides students in need with resources that public schools lack”. Here’s a quote from the BlogCatalog site: “Let’s come together on May 28th. and prove that bloggers can […]

Tips on Meditating

Tips on Meditating ADHD

Meditation can be extremely effective for ADHD, because it helps you to train your brain to slow down and concentrate. It can also help you to calm yourself, which can be useful if you suffer from anxiety. Meditation can also be a way to give your brain a rest from all of the chaotic thoughts […]

ADHD – A New Treatment Option

meditation an ADD woman

A “New” Treatment Option for ADHD I’ve been reading recently about a new treatment option for ADD & ADHD – one that may surprise you – Transcendental meditation (TM). As it turns out, not only is TM effective in treating Attention Deficit Disorder, it’s actually quite compatible with it, too. However, transcendental meditation is not […]

New ADD/ADHD Medication

Shire Pharmaceuticals has just received FDA approval on a new ADD/ADHD drug called Vyvanse. It should be available to consumers by prescription as early as July 2007. Like other ADD medications, Vyvanse is a controlled substance, but it is different from other similar medications in a couple of significant ways: In order for Vyvanse to […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a day traditionally set aside to honor our mothers and all that they do. If you’re a mom yourself, no one has to tell you what a hard job it can be. Hopefully you know the joys and wonders of being a mom, too. Whether you are a mom with Attention […]

8 Tips on ADD Medication

8 Tips on ADD Medication

Edit: 3/15/19. This blog initially began as a blog for women raising children with ADHD, thus the reference below. I kept the post because the information is just as relevant for adults. It’s Always About the Medication Whenever the subject of ADHD comes up, or when faced with a diagnosis of ADHD, the first thing […]