DIY ADD Coaching

Have you ever wondered how ADD coaching works? Ever wondered if you could do it yourself? Well, you’re about to find out – here’s a little glimpse into my world: Coaching starts out with an evaluation of the big picture: which particular ADD symptoms does the client have, and how are they affecting her life? […]

Transitions: ADD Style

I don’t think there are many kids who look forward to the start of school. And I think that almost all parents and kids will struggle through the first part of September, trying to get used to getting up early and getting back into the school routine. For kids with Attention Deficit Disorder, though, the […]

The ADD Friendly Teacher

How do you like the new look? Since I’ve been working on my other site, ADD Student, I’ve come to appreciate it’s cleaner look (plus the additional column), so I thought I would try it out here. I think I may keep it, although I’ll need to do a little housecleaning to make it look […]

ADD All Night Long

I don’t know if I have mentioned it already, but I have started a second website, ADD Student, where ADD + School = Success. It’s a question and answer type of site, where I will try to answer the kinds of questions I hear most about Attention Deficit Disorder, especially as they pertain to school. […]

A Last Summer Fling

Are your kids back in school yet? Around here, school starts on Wednesday. My daughter and I were saying just this afternoon what a shame it was that the last few days of summer vacation have been so dreary. We’ve had a number of very strong storms in the last several days, and it’s been […]

Is ADD A Fraud?

By now I hope you’re used to my somewhat circuitous method of writing – seems I always start in one place and end up somewhere else, with hopefully a connection in the middle. Isn’t that the way when you have Attention Deficit Disorder? I recently stumbled upon a website that I really like: Common Sense […]