ADD Moms New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Have you even thought about them? Maybe you aren’t that sort of person – but I’d be willing to bet that you are. New Years, kind of like the beginning of the school year, represents a fresh beginning, a chance to start over and try to do […]

Tips on Managing Life with AD/HD

Here are some tips that I’ve found useful in managing life with AD/HD: Set up automatic deductions for as many of your bills as you can. If you can’t do it through the company, most banks will allow you to set up automatic payments through your checking account. Use two checking accounts. On payday, have […]

Managing Life with AD/HD

Do you ever feel as though you’ve lost complete control of your life? As though someone else – your kids, your husband, your boss – is pulling the strings and making you dance to a tune you didn’t choose? My life has been that way recently. Last month, my 85 year old dad (who’s blind) […]

Are You Ready?

December is a busy time of the year for me, and maybe it is for you, too. My family happens to celebrate Christmas, but regardless of what you celebrate, it seems as though everyone is rushing around just a little bit more in December. If you celebrate a holiday this time of year, or find […]

Perfectly ADD

If you are a regular visitor to ADD Moms, you’ve most likely come to expect an article from me that talks about a particular problem that people with AD/HD might have, along with a solution or two. If you’re a regular visitor, you know that ADD Moms is switching it’s focus to women with Attention […]