Just a few things I wanted you to know: My laptop broke last week and it will be a few weeks before I get it back. In the meantime, getting my emails has been a challenge. If you have contacted me and haven’t heard back, or if you want to contact me, here’s what to […]

Renaming ADD

I have decided that Attention Deficit Disorder is not exactly descriptive of how we experience life. We pay plenty of attention. That’s actually part of the problem – we pay attention to everything all at once. The real problem is not attention; it’s action, or lack thereof. ADD should stand for Action Deficit Disorder, not […]

Do You FLY?

Have you heard about Flylady? Flylady is “Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home.” Flylady has a proven system that helps people who suffer from “CHAOS” – “can’t have anyone over syndrome”. I think that in many ways, the Flylady system is ADHD friendly. The system is set […]

Dinner with ADD

Yes, even those of us with ADHD have dinner most days. And those of us who are ADD Moms not only eat it, we have to plan for it and then prepare it too. Do you have a plan for dinner each day? Or are you the way my mom was? Every day about 2 […]

Getting It Done

Yesterday, I wrote about self management; about how it isn’t our time we need to manage so much as ourselves. Katrina left me a comment: …HOW do I get motivated to take that shower first thing in the morning and ready for the day? Katrina makes an excellent point. Setting aside time every day to […]

Self Management

I heard something the other day that really hit home with me. I wish I could remember where I heard it, because I would like to credit whoever it was. Anyway, the general idea was about time management and how we all seek to manage our time. The truth is that each of us has […]