Creativity: Good for the Soul

Meet Jill – a very creative ADD Mom. Here she is playing piano; isn’t she lovely? Jill is a mother of 3 children aged 5 and under. As you can imagine, she is one very busy mom! In addition to doing all things mom, Jill works part time as a massage therapist – a job […]


I was watching one of those home remodeling shows the other day where neighbors compete against one another for a prize. One of the competitors, whose mom was also in the contest, said that she had an advantage because she was so organized. Honestly, at that point, they could have turned the show over to […]

Whats Important to You?

As ADD Moms, we are in charge of taking care of our families. We get people where they need to be, hopefully on time. We make the meals and provide clean clothes to wear and generally keep everything running. At least we try. As ADD Moms, those kinds of things can be hard for us […]

Organize Your Bag

I have always been a woman who carries a good sized bag, usually one of those sloppy hobo looking ones. I hate square structured stiff bags. The problem with a big old purse with no structure is that it can be hard to find what you need when you need it. (Geez… is my ADHD […]


One of the good things about having ADHD is your sense of creativity. Our brains function differently and allow us to see things and make connections that others don’t. From that perspective can come amazing and beautiful things. Being creative can take many forms. You may express it by knitting, painting, playing music, baking, or […]

ADD Organizing

The other day I needed some gauze from my downstairs bathroom closet. When I went to get it, though, I realized that the closet needed a good spring cleaning. Over the past several months, things had migrated. There was nail polish and hair bands in with the band aids and gauze. There was makeup in […]