For the Love of Binders

I love binders. I really do. They’re so great at keeping papers neat and organized. (Oh and a close second to binders is the plastic pocket dividers that go in them.) I have one for ADD Moms that I use as a planning tool for the coming year and that holds things I want to […]

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of our Spring Cleaning Challenge! Before we can get to actually cleaning, we need to begin with some clutter control. If you’re an ADD Mom, you know you have clutter somewhere – probably in more than one place! For now, let’s work on visible clutter – countertops, tables, and floors. As […]

Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring officially arrived yesterday, Anybody feel it? I know I didn’t. It was below 20 degrees here yesterday; it was hard to feel anything. Now that warmer weather is (supposed to be) arriving soon, it’s a good time to start clearing out the winter dust and clutter and get ready to open our (sparkling clean) […]

Cable Turtle: A Review

Note: I was given 3 Cable Turtles free of charge in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are solely mine and completely true. Last week I received 3 Cable Turtles in the mail courtesy of Life Organizers. My job was to try them out and write a review. I received one each […]

Proteins and Your Brain

Proteins are important for a healthy brain. And a healthy brain – especially an ADHD one – functions better. Why is protein important for optimum brain health? For starters, a good portion of the weight of our bodies is made up of protein. Only water accounts for more body weight than protein. The neurons in […]