There is power in the Word of God, to harness any obstacle- yes even your brain!

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Replace Fear with


One Day at a time.

But God...

Stop making a mental list of all the ‘other things that need to get done’ and just spend time with God. Worried you can’t? Then Lacy Estelle’s 7 Daily Devotionals for the Scatterminded Mama is for you!

Hi! I'm Lacy Estelle,

Self Proclaimed Christian ADHD/ADD Advocate for Women.

And I want to help you finally reach your

Full God-Given Potential.

If you’re anything like me, the idea of sitting down and actually sitting still eludes you. Doing a daily devotional? Yeah, Right!

But guess what? I’ve been where you’ve been, and in fact, somedays I’m still there! That’s why I condensed my favorite lessons of faith into a 7 day devotional. One specifically designed for the Mom whose life makes busy look boring. 

Take the pressure off and shed the idea that time devoted to God needs to look a certain way, or requires a year-long-book, and instead pick ONE day and just do it!

What's Inside:

Daily Bible verse

The Starting Point for Biblical Meditation

The bible says to “take every thought captive” and to bring it under obedience to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). True biblical meditation aims to replace our own selfish thoughts and motivations with the true Word of God. No “emptying the mind” here- we want God to fill your cup and make it overflow! 

25 Pages for Personal Reflection

Help From Someone Who Is In the Trenches

If you’re looking for an easy devotional that is only surface deep- THIS IS NOT THE ONE. Through personal experience, challenging applications and devout dedication, Lacy helps you root God’s word deep into your soul so it can cultivate his Grace abundantly. That cannot be accomplished with feel-good-mantras, or anything similar. 

Space for Your Own Journaling

Keeping Track of God's Movement

Struggle with commitment of long term goals?! GIRL! Me too!
thankfully as Christians we don’t have to be consistent because God is ALWAYS faithful! By journaling your prayers, progress and anything else you want to remember, reflection over God’s abundant blessings in your life becomes easier and easier!


1 Month Free Access to Lacy's Guided Christian Meditation Vault!

$17 Value, FREE

Step up your daily practice with Guided Christian Meditation in bite size pieces from Lacy’s Guided Christian Meditation Vault! Guided meditations for overwhelm, anxiety, and focus in 1, 3, and 5 minute increments! Each month Lacy will be publishing new guided biblical meditation tracks to help you through your toughest battles or just your everyday life! A lifetime Value of over $197! But for one month- FREE!

Praise for An ADD Woman

Lacy Estelle


"I love this podcast! Lacy, do more!! I’m 40 and I JUST discovered my ADD from my daughter’s diagnosis. Your podcasts have given me so many “AH-Ha!” moments that have made me laugh, cry, forgive myself, and love myself a little more. This has been SO enlightening and refreshing. I love your style and vibe! THANK YOU. I always look forward to more!!"

Whew! Girl, your latest episode left me with a whole lot of feels. There are not many, if any, ADHDers who talk about faith and how it affects them. So thank you for sharing that story because it helps me to feel like I am not alone in this journey. And you give God all the glory through it all! Again, thank you!

But Lacy...

The great thing is this devotional is broken down into 7 day increments! That’s it. And it’s set up to start and do on anyday you choose. Don’t have time Monday? Start Tuesday. Missed Wednesday? That’s ok, do it Thursday. As long as you’re willing to try, it will be here for you to reference. No pressure whatsoever. (Unless you’re the type that NEEDS pressure like me- then you better do it everyday!)

You can email me directly, I keep my inbox open. Especially for readers and listeners. My email is [email protected], and yes it will be me who responds to your questions, responses and all the like. 

Nope! Although the true value of this devotional ebook is $27, for right now it’s completely FREE! But only for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

I’m glad you have discernment! I believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life and that no one comes to the father except through him. I believe in an eternal, infinite God who exists in 3 persons of the trinity, God the father, God the Son (Jesus Christ of Nazareth), and God the Holy Spirit. I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, is applicable to every Christian and God’s gift to us. Overall, If I had to categorize my belief systems to align with a specific sect of Protestantism, I’d say I’m Reformed Baptist or Souther Baptist primarily. If after knowing this, you feel led to not download my ebook, I’ll only praise God for your knowledge and discernment in what he desires for you, even if it doesn’t include me. 

As a Christian woman who struggled with ADHD my entire life, and primarily undiagnosed I know all too well what it is to feel scatterminded, overwhelmed, and helpless. I want to invite any woman who feels the same to recognize it and lean into God for strength which is precisely the journey I help take you down throughout the devotional.  


Let's do this!

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