Learn to Focus and Calm Down with Yoga

Learn to Focus and Calm Down with Yoga

Can Yoga Really Help You Learn to Focus and Calm Down? Yes, yoga can do all of that and more! Yoga can be very beneficial for people with ADHD for a number of reasons: It can help you focus and concentrate It can help you calm down It can help with strength, balance, and flexibility […]

Meditation: It’s Not What You Think

meditation_its not what you think

What is Meditation? Meditation is probably not what you think it is. Meditation is not clearing your mind of thought. That’s pretty much impossible. Instead, meditation is a way to train your mind. (Headspace has some excellent information on meditation, as well as some meditations to practice.) Think about that in relation to your ADHD, […]

5 Self Care Tips That Will Change Your Life

5 self care tips that will change your life

Self Care is Life Changing It really is. Taking care of yourself can literally change your life for the better. You already know that taking good care of yourself is important, and that you should make it a priority. However, did you know that your ADHD can interfere with self care? And it’s not just […]

And to All a Good Night

night sleep an add woman

“Twas the Night before Christmas… And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Except the mom, who had ADHD, and couldn’t sleep no matter how hard she tried. And it wasn’t just during the holidays; it was any night at all. Is it Insomnia? It could be; but when […]

How to Supplement Your Treatment for Depression

How I Treat My Depression

A funny thing relating to my depression just happened about an hour ago. Even though it was Sunday and I had slept in, and the weather was sunny and beautiful, and it was only 1:30, I decided to take a nap, which was pretty convenient, since I still had my pajamas on. But the minute […]

Simplify Your Spiritual Practice

In an effort to be inclusive in this post, I will refer to a spiritual practice rather than a religion so that we can all relate. And if you don’t believe in these things, that’s OK too. If you have a spiritual practice, you may or may not have a day of the week and […]