Wasting Time

How many ways do you waste time? I’m not suggesting that you do it on purpose. Those of us with ADHD, with our ability to be easily distracted, waste time without even knowing it. Here are a few places that you might be wasting time: Online Need I say more? Facebook, Twitter, checking your email […]

5 Things That Keep Me on Track

Part of the adventure of ADHD is finding ways to manage the things that you need to in a way that works for you. As you know, I’m a big fan of electronics, because they help take the place of my brain when it comes to remembering things. Here are 5 tools that I rely […]

5 Time Management Tips

I once showed up at the hair salon on the right day (Wednesday) and at the right time (2:00 pm) but in the wrong week. I was exactly a week early for my appointment! Embarrassing, inefficient – yeah. After that day, I decided I had to really find a system to manage my time that […]