Simplify Your Email

How many emails are in your inbox right now? More than 50? 100? More than that? I find that my inbox is one area that can get out of control very quickly. For one thing, there are so many cool websites out there and when we find one that we like, of course we want […]

Managing Your Inbox

Almost everybody has email these days. If you’re reading this blog, it means you are online and probably have an email account or two somewhere. Email inboxes can quickly turn into black holes. You sign up for way too many newsletters (me too), plus you get the cute and funny stuff from your friends and […]

Wasting Time

How many ways do you waste time? I’m not suggesting that you do it on purpose. Those of us with ADHD, with our ability to be easily distracted, waste time without even knowing it. Here are a few places that you might be wasting time: Online Need I say more? Facebook, Twitter, checking your email […]