The Planner Section You Are Missing

an add woman missing planner section

Your Planner is Incomplete I don’t care which planner you are using, or whether it is paper or electronic, I can almost guarantee that it is missing one vital section: your home. We have planners in order to keep our lives straight. To get us to appointments on time, or at least remind us that […]

Flylady Update

I have to confess. Signing up for Flylady’s emails does not equal a cleaner home. I am ashamed to say that each morning a get a digest of Flylady’s emails. Some mornings I read them; some mornings I don’t. Here’s the thing: reading her emails does not get my home any neater or cleaner. Action. […]

Inch by Inch

Today I did something pretty cool. Twice. I threw some stuff away. I know. Ground breaking, right? Come on. You’re an ADD Mom. It is kind of cool. Here’s how it happened. You know how you’re always told to take it a little bit at a time? Flylady says baby steps. I always took that […]


I know that a lot of ADD Moms follow Flylady’s system for keeping the house (and more) under control. For those of you who may not know, Flylady helps those living in C.H.A.O.S. (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) learn to polish their sinks and fly one baby step at a time. Flylady is about keeping […]

Do You FLY?

Have you heard about Flylady? Flylady is “Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home.” Flylady has a proven system that helps people who suffer from “CHAOS” – “can’t have anyone over syndrome”. I think that in many ways, the Flylady system is ADHD friendly. The system is set […]