Simplify Your Schedule

Do you have a set schedule? Or is one day usually different from the next? Do you have certain days for certain activities, or do you tend to sort of do things when you notice them? I think that as ADDers, we have a tendency not to want to be tied down. We prefer a […]

BBQ Sauce & ADHD

The other day I decided to make peach BBQ sauce. From scratch. Seriously? Do I have so much leisure time that I can take a few hours to make peach BBQ sauce? (No.) A simple trip to the store would have worked. Well, I did make a trip to the store, but to buy ingredients […]

Step Away

As ADD Moms, we have all had times when something we were trying to do got the best of us. I remember spending most of a weekend trying to make a change on my website and failing. Rather than stepping away from the computer for a while, I spent far too much time that weekend […]