Hormones and ADHD

There are very few times in your life when hormones won’t play a part. They come into play in adolescence as we begin to mature. That whole process can last for quite a while as I’m sure you know. Your monthly cycles will cause a fluctuation in your hormone levels, as will pregnancy and the […]

How Life Affects Your ADHD

I just got back from a wonderful week or so spent in Michigan visiting my daughter Sarah, her husband, and their brand new son, Robbie. (Our first grandchild!) Like all of us, Sarah has Attention Deficit Disorder. And with all of the lifestyle changes, she has some new challenges in dealing with her ADHD. Now […]

Hormones and ADHD

I have always believed in a holistic approach to Attention Deficit Disorder because ADHD doesn’t just live in one part of your brain; things that go on in your body can affect your ADHD too. As ADD Moms, we already know how hormones can affect our lives. Our weight, our shape, our emotions and even […]

Hormones and ADHD: Part 4

There is a reason that women refer to menopause as “the change”. It’s because so much in their lives does change when menopause begins. ADHD is no exception. In fact, some women who were completely unaware of ADHD symptoms earlier in life may begin to experience them much more strongly as a result of hormonal […]

Hormones and ADHD: Part 3

It should be clear by now that fluctuating hormones can worsen ADHD symptoms. This is especially true for women with ADHD who experience far more fluctuating hormones throughout their lives than men. Pregnancy is, of course, all about hormones. While there is no definitive proof that taking ADHD medication will harm the developing fetus, most […]

Hormones and ADHD: Part 2

As you grow and mature into an adult, your hormone levels begin to even out. While you won’t have the roller coaster hormones you had during puberty, you may notice changes in your ADHD as part of your monthly cycle. Some women with ADHD will find that their ADD symptoms and the severity of them […]