Flylady Update

I have to confess. Signing up for Flylady’s emails does not equal a cleaner home. I am ashamed to say that each morning a get a digest of Flylady’s emails. Some mornings I read them; some mornings I don’t. Here’s the thing: reading her emails does not get my home any neater or cleaner. Action. […]

Spiritual Housecleaning

Last time we talked about how what’s in your head can be reflected in your home. Now I want to share a very special book with you. It’s called “Spiritual Housecleaning; Healing the Space Within by Beautifying the Space Around You” and it’s written by Kathryn L. Robyn. One of the reasons that I love […]

Minutes to Clean?

The other day I picked up the September 15, 2009 copy of Woman’s Day magazine. The article titled “Minutes to Clean – the Strategy That REALLY Works” caught my eye. My theory is that if I read enough books and magazines about cleaning and organizing, it will somehow change my DNA into someone who cleans […]

Homekeeping with ADHD

I like Martha Stewart’s use of the word homekeeping when it comes to taking care of your house rather than calling it housecleaning. After all, isn’t a warm, comfortable home what we’re all interested in having? And yet those of us with ADHD often struggle to find or make such a simple pleasure. As I […]