Simplify the Laundry

Do you have problems with laundry? I hate doing laundry. I tell myself it’s because I have a 2 story home and my laundry room is in the basement and it’s ugly down there, but that’s not true. My last house was a 2 story but it had a first floor laundry with a back […]

Taming the Laundry Monster

I swear that there are some sort of rabbits hiding in my laundry cause it seems to multiply every time I look at it. Seriously, I feel like I can do 3 – 5 loads a day and never catch up. Is that an ADHD thing, do you think, or does everyone have this problem? […]

How to Have a (Fake) Immaculate House

Becky from Organizing Made Fun wrote a series of posts about “How to Have a (Fake) Immaculate House” a while back. I bookmarked it and read it all the way through. And then I thought “what great ideas”. And then I did what you always do when you have ADHD. I forgot about it and […]


Clutter is one of the biggest problems that we ADD Moms face. We have too much stuff and nowhere to put it. We’d like to get rid of some of it, but knowing where to begin is sometimes overwhelming. And often, we just plain have trouble letting things go. We might need it one day […]

The Laundry Monster

Have you ever seen that movie “Stepmom” with Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts? I love that movie, even if it is sad. There is a scene in that movie that was literally an eye opener for me – as Oprah would say, “an aha moment”. In the scene, Susan Sarandon is checking on her kids […]