Starting Off a New Year:2019

starting off a new year 2019 an add woman

It’s Almost 2019! In just a few days, 2018 will be over and we will be starting off a new year. Was 2018 good to you? I think that overall, it was for me; certainly better than the year before. A Time for Reflection The end of the year – or the end of anything […]

Lifestyle Changes; An Alternative

Lifestyle Changes; An Alternative There have been some researchers and experts who say that goal setting doesn’t work for the average person with ADHD. Here are their general thoughts: Goals act as shiny objects, a temporary distraction that can cause excitement at first. Goals, as we seek to reach them, can cause anxiety. The good […]

Spinning Out of Control

Sometimes life surprises you. And sometimes it’s not such a pleasant surprise. But even if it’s a wonderful surprise, it can still throw your life into chaos. Chaos and ADHD are like those two kids who shouldn’t hang out with each other cause they always cause trouble. Lately my life has been a lot like […]

Life vs. ADD Symptoms

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about balance, and making your life easier, and also telling you how mine has sort of been out of control lately. My ADD symptoms have really made themselves known in the past week or so. For instance, it’s almost midnight and I just remembered I was supposed to go […]