Can A Paleo Diet Help Your ADHD?

If you do a search online, you will find that some people recommend a paleo diet for ADHD symptoms. In case you don’t know – I didn’t – a paleo diet consists of meats, fruits, and vegetables with no dairy, grains, sugar, or processed foods. You also consume healthy fats, like olive and coconut oils.¬†Because […]

Avitae: Caffeine + Water

Recently I was contacted by a representative from Avitae, a company that makes caffeinated water. They offer 3 levels of caffeine in their purified water: 45 mg, 90 mg, and 125 mg. The reason that they contacted me was that they had been hearing from a number of moms who were successfully using it to […]

NuroFocus: An Update

Recently I did a post about NuroFocus. I reviewed the product and generally had good things to say about it. After another week and more research, I just wanted to update you on a few things that I’ve learned and experienced. First of all, my review is still positive. As I said, the effects are […]

Fish Oil for ADHD

Today’s post is a guest post from Rita Baldini at All Treatment. Growing awareness of the potential risks of prescription drugs like Ritalin and Adderall for ADHD have left parents searching for natural treatments. In particular, one of the most discussed alternatives comes in the form of Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that many […]

Eating for ADHD

Did you know that certain foods can either help your ADHD symptoms or make them worse? It’s true. What we put in our bodies, as well as what goes on in our bodies, affects our brains. Don’t believe me? Go have a few shots of tequila and then tell me your brain hasn’t been affected. […]

Managing ADHD Naturally, Part 8

Herbs and Supplements The main objective of The Med Free with ADD program is to optimize the ADHD brain. That doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating ADHD symptoms; instead the goal is to give the ADHD brain a chance to work as it was intended to. People with Attention Deficit Disorder may not be honor roll students, […]