Feeling A Little Cloudy?

As ADDers, we have poor working memory. Fuzzy thinking – or in this case – cloudy thinking. We’re forgetful and we always have about a thousand things going on in our head at once. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a sort of USB drive like you have for your computer so you […]

How Something You Never Heard of Can Help Your ADHD

Let’s start with a small science lesson, shall we? You know of course that your ADHD is centered around your brain. Because you have ADHD, your brain functions differently than brains who do not have ADHD. You have neurotransmitters in your brain; these chemicals transport information in your brain and body. Dopamine is one of […]

5 Ways to Help You Remember

Almost everyone who has ADHD has trouble remembering things. Part of the reason is that we have poor working memory and another part is because we tend to constantly be thinking ahead a few minutes or more in an effort to prepare ourselves for whatever is next. Living in the future like this means you […]

BrainStack: A Review

 I recently had the opportunity to try BrainStack, a nootropic supplement for your brain. It’s supposed to help you learn faster, retain more, increase your productivity and efficiency, and improve your drive to get things done. FYI – I was given a bottle to try without cost. The opinions are mine. Also, some links are […]

Write it Down So You Don’t Remember

I have a very dear friend (with ADHD) who came up with that classic quote. Each year a few of us get together to do Halloween in a big way. We dress up as witches and decorate like crazy. It gets bigger each year. The whole neighborhood knows about our tradition and comes by each […]

Managing ADHD Naturally, Part 2

Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and vegetables are, of course, a healthful part of any diet, including The Med Free with ADD program. Fruits and vegetables add fiber, color, and nutrition to a meal, as well as taste, and all for very few calories. The current USDA requirements are 5 servings a day of fruits and […]