Relationships and ADHD

Relationships can be hard sometimes. It can be even harder if you have ADHD, and even more so if the person you are trying to relate to does not. (At least another person with ADHD has some understanding of what it’s like.) And that’s true whether you’re young or old, male or female, whether it’s […]

How’s Your Relationships?

Building and maintaining relationships can be difficult when you have ADHD. It’s hard for those who do not have Attention Deficit Disorder to understand why we behave the way we sometimes do. And while an ADD partner or friend might understand you better, sometimes the combination of both of your symptoms can make the relationship […]

Relationships and ADHD

Does your spouse, partner, significant other get you? Do they understand you in terms of your ADHD? Or are there problems in the relationship because of it? People without ADHD really have a hard time understanding those of us with ADHD. I guess that goes both ways; how well do we understand them? It can […]

Understanding ADHD

This past holiday weekend my daughter Sarah and her boyfriend (I’ll call him Josh) visited from Michigan. At some point during the weekend, the conversation turned to Sarah’s housekeeping skills, or rather her challenges when it comes to housekeeping. Dirty dishes were mentioned. Apparently it bothers Josh when there are dishes left in the sink. […]

ADHD and Your Significant Other

Having a healthy, loving relationship with your significant other can be complicated by ADHD in so many ways. Communication between the two of you can result in misunderstandings (or worse) because your ADHD symptoms cause you to miss social cues, not pay attention on a consistent basis, or say the wrong thing. As women, we […]

Marriage and ADHD

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you might know that my mom had ADHD but my dad does not. They were married for 52 years and I always thought that their marriage was a good one. I don’t remember arguments between them; seemed like they got along pretty well. I know that there […]