Boy Without Instructions

I have the pleasure today of reviewing a book written by a colleague of mine, Penny Williams. It’s called “Boy Without Instructions” and it’s Penny’s account of raising her son, nicknamed Ricochet, and helping him make his way through school and life with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and other challenges. Ricochet is a gifted […]

Meet Kristyn: Against All Odds

I recently did a review of a wonderful book called “Easy to Love but Hard to Raise – Real Parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories”. This week the editors of the book, Kay Marner and Adrienne Ehlert Bashista, are doing a blog tour to promote the book. Oh and be sure to visit the book’s blog […]

Launch Your Child for School Success

Note: Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed. has been kind enough to do several guest posts for ADD Moms and ADD Student. Since ADD Moms tend to have ADD kids, I thought they would be appropriate on both sites. Michael is a freckle-faced fourth grader always on the move. He loves to read, write and do well […]


As I mentioned earlier today, there are some changes going on at ADD Moms and ADD Student. I plan to take things in a slightly different direction in the future, and for that reason (and others) I am clearing out many of the products I currently have to offer. For a limited time, you can […]

Attention Washington DC Parents

If your child attends public school, and you have had difficulties getting the school to provide proper accommodations for your child’s Attention Deficit Disorder, then¬†Camille Tuutti-Winkler would like to talk to you. Ms. Tuutti-Winkler is a writer currently working on an article about alternative schooling options for children with AD/HD. The goal of the article […]