Setting Goals

Setting goals is the most effective way of achieving what you want in life. We all know that, right? So why do so many of us ADDers seem to flounder and drift through our days with not much to show for them? For a long time, I thought that setting goals was a left brained […]

Setting Goals

It’s almost the end of the year; have you been thinking about setting some goals or New Year’s resolutions? Seems like everybody thinks about those things when a new year begins. I’ll bet a lot of your goals for 2010 are the same ones you set for 2009. I know mine are. Let’s see if […]

Focus and Setting Goals

Focus is a big word for ADDers, mainly because we struggle with maintaining it. We’re easily distracted, remember? Carrie Wilkerson (the person I want to be when I grow up) wrote a really wonderful series of blog posts last year around the theme of focus. Carrie, aka The Barefoot Executive, writes mostly for women who […]

Who’s in Charge?

Are you in charge of your life, or is Attention Deficit Disorder running it? Do you make plans, or come up with projects that never get completed? Or if they do, it’s either late or not your best effort? Are there things in your life you’d like to do that you just never get around […]