Losing Weight with ADHD

Recently Shelley from The House of Smiths wrote a post about how her ADHD affects her attempts at losing weight. Here’s what she said: I had my hormones tested, got my thyroid checked out, found out I had a very minor pituitary gland issue and was even diagnosed with ADD; one of the BIGGEST reasons […]

Does ADHD Make You Look Fat?

If you’re one of those size 2 ADD Moms, feel free to skip this article. But if losing weight is a challenge for you, you might be interested to know that your ADHD is part of the problem. Consider some of the typical symptoms of ADHD: impulsive behavior, lack of focus, poor planning skills and […]

Can You?

Have you seen Jennifer Hudson’s new ad for Weight Watchers? Here it is: I love that she talks about how her life used to be about “I Can’t” and now it is about “I Can”. Do you do that with your ADHD? See yourself as a deficit and a disorder? Do you say “I Can’t” […]