Pork Roast 2 Ways (and Why it’s about ADHD)

Pork roast and ADHD? Really? Yes, really. You know that I am all about eating a healthy diet because it’s good for you, your brain and your body, and your ADHD. Feeding your brain and your body healthy food helps them function at an optimal rate. Add in some essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and […]

Supplementing Your ADHD

Whether or not you take medication for your Attention Deficit Disorder, you can benefit from natural methods to treat your symptoms. Some are basic, like getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet rich in lean protein. There are also vitamin and mineral supplements that may help your ADHD symptoms. Here are 4 you might […]

Vitamin D and ADHD

This afternoon I visited my doctor – just a check in on my depression. Since I’ve been having some troubles lately, mostly due to circumstances, she suggested adding Vitamin D to my diet. She said that research had shown remarkable results for depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and many other things. I was curious about Vitamin […]