A Time for Healing

During this holiday season, our thoughts turn to our friends and family. Gifts are exchanged, meals shared, and love is in the air. It seems a perfect time to tell you about my experiences with what is called a healing blanket. In particular, the Te A Te Reiki Healing Energy Blanket from Improved … [Read more...]

It’s About More Than Managing Your Time

It's December 1. Time to prepare for the following: Not enough time, money, or sleep Too much to do, buy, cook, and decorate Overly high expectations and ambitions Too much stress, exhaustion, and obligations If you're a woman, that list is for you, but you already knew that. If … [Read more...]


  I've been thinking about that word a lot lately. Maybe it's because the summer is ending or because it's back to school time - even though I don't have anyone in school - but I've been feeling the need to get rid of stuff, declutter, and just organize what's left. Maybe it's because … [Read more...]