Decision Making: Why You Suck at It

Decision making, list

Quick: Give Me a Yes or No Do you suck at decision making? Wow. That was one decision that was easy to make, right? I’m guessing there was a great big “yes” there. I know for sure that trying to decide between one thing and another is torture for me. It takes me forever, weighing […]

Your Thoughts are More Powerful than You Think

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You Don’t Know What You’re Thinking We have so many thoughts going through our heads at any given moment, that it’s hard to keep up with them. But your brain is on top of it. In fact, your thoughts are more powerful than you think. And here’s the scary but really important part: those random […]

This 1 Thing will Change Your Life

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Live a Better Life Sounds like quite a promise, right? One thing that will change your life? Presumably for the better. But yes, that’s what I have here. And not only do I have an entire post all about it, but the nice people over at Groom and Style have offered to share their very […]

You Need a Plan B: For Everything


Plan A, Plan B No one ever calls it “Plan A”; it’s just the plan, the way things are supposed to go. Plan B, if you have one, is your backup plan. But you need a Plan B, for everything, because you have ADHD. And I don’t mean because your original plan isn’t good enough, […]

Fear: Which One is Holding You Back?

Are You Afraid? When it comes to fear, which one is holding you back? Maybe you’re not afraid right this very second, but most of us are, way more than we would care to admit. Especially those of us with ADHD, because we’re not confident to begin with, and we’re much more familiar with failure […]

Free Text Reminder Messages

Text Reminder Messages

Edited 5/7/19: Most of you signed up via text, so I have added the weekly planning form here. Need a Reminder? You’ve got one! Or at least, you can get one. One of the things that my subscribers have requested is a text message reminding them of what they have to do that day. What […]