Time Management Mistakes that can Stress You Out

Time Management, Stress

How Well Do You Manage Your Time? Do you use a planner of some kind to plan your day? And how do you think you’re doing? Because there are some time management mistakes that can stress you out, and if you’re making them, you need to know. If you’re not using a planner at all, […]

Anger Can Be a Powerful Motivator

Anger Motivator, fist

When I Said Enough Anger can be a powerful motivator. It certainly was for me. I remember bits and pieces of that time, but not all of the details. All I knew for sure what that I was mad and I was tired. Tired of forgetting. Sick of making excuses. I’d had enough of living […]

Be a Detective: Look for the Cause Behind Your Problems

Detective Problems An ADD Woman

What’s Your Problem? You’ve got lots of them, right? But we’re talking about Attention Deficit Disorder. Sometimes you have to be a detective and look for the cause behind your problems. That’s especially true with ADHD. Although we all have different variations of it, particularly when you include conditions like anxiety and depression, the root […]

How to Organize Your Inbox Once and for All

How Much Email Do You Have? A lot, right? Too much? How would you like to organize your inbox once and for all? It’s not that hard to do. There are just a few things that you need to do to get it in order, and then a couple of simple things after that to […]

Making the Most of Sunday Dinner

Making the Most of Sunday Dinner An ADD Woman

Starting the Week Off Right For most of us, the week begins on Sunday. Although many of us don’t work that day, it’s still the day to get ready for the week. And that includes making the most of dinner time. When I was a kid, Sunday dinner was a big deal. We went to […]

CBD Oil and ADHD: Is This the Solution?

CBD Oil and ADHD_ Is This the Solution_ an ADD woman

What is CBD Oil? Cannabidiol, as it is sometimes called, is oil that has been extracted from the flowers or buds of the hemp plant. It is being advertised as a solution for many things, including ADHD. CBD oil is very popular right now, with claims that it can help everything from acne to hair […]