CBD Oil and ADHD: Is This the Solution?

CBD Oil and ADHD_ Is This the Solution_ an ADD woman

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What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, as it is sometimes called, is oil that has been extracted from the flowers or buds of the hemp plant. It is being advertised as a solution for many things, including ADHD.
CBD oil is very popular right now, with claims that it can help everything from acne to hair loss to heart disease.CBD Oil and ADHD_ Is This the Solution_ an ADD woman
Anxiety, ADHD, depression, and other conditions have also been treated effectively with this oil, according to the internet.
Is this true?
Is CBD oil the miracle cure that everyone says it is?
Let’s take a closer look.

Can It Get You High?

One of the first things that people want to know about CBD oil is whether or not it can get you high.
The simple answer is no.
The more detailed answer gets a little confusing.
Some sources say that the hemp plant, which is where the oil comes from, and the marijuana plant are different plants from the same family.
Matt Shipman, a science writer and public information officer from North Carolina State University, disagrees.
According to Mr. Shipman, hemp and marijuana are the same plant; the difference comes in their chemical makeup.
A hemp plant is high in CBD and low in THC, the element in marijuana that gets you high.
Since CBD oil has little to no THC, it cannot get you high. (Note that there is no regulation in terms of producing the oil, so the quality of oil varies, as does the amount of CBD or THC.)

How is it Used?

CBD oil is most often used topically on the skin. Some products will tell you it can be taken under the tongue, but this is not advised because it is not easily absorbed this way.
According to Healthline, your body naturally contains two receptors: CB1 and CB2. CBD oil triggers these receptors to use more of the cannabinoids your body naturally produces.
This has been shown – in a few studies – to be effective for inflammation, anxiety, and epilepsy. No other uses are indicated at this time.

Is It Effective for ADHD?

Short answer? No.
There have been no significant studies done on whether or not CBD oil might have a positive impact on ADHD symptoms.
There has been some evidence that it can improve anxiety and epilepsy, but again, more research is needed. And of course, the quality of what is being tested needs to be standardized.
The other problem is that in some instances, the use of marijuana was included, and in another one, subjects were not monitored sufficiently and there was concern that alcohol was involved.

A Final Caution

As noted earlier, production of CBD oil is not regulated.
Bottom line? You have no idea what you’re getting.
Also, just as in the case of many herbal products, unless you’re dealing with a reputable company that does regular monitoring and testing, the quantity and quality of what you buy is suspect, or at least unpredictable.
These are plants, after all. If you’ve ever grown a garden, you know how so many things can affect the quality of your harvest.
A tomato picked when the weather has been perfect will be far different than one from the same plant that was subject to extreme heat or over watering.
My advice would be to stick with what you’re doing now and skip the CBD oil.
It’s possible that in the future things may change. But for now, err on the side of caution.

A Little More Help

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